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PhotonicSweden organises a range of events every year:

  • A two days conference ”Optics & Photonics in Sweden” usually in October or November.
  • Monthly Optopubs in Stockholm and regularly also in Lund and Gothenburg.
  • Workshops with different topics. Work group meetings.
  • Seminars
  • Best optics & photonics company of the year.
  • Best master/bachelor thesis (exjobb) of the year.

PhotonicSweden and the Swedish Optical Society organise a conference every year, the Optics and Photonics in Sweden Conference,  in different locations in Sweden, usually in October or November.

2012, in Stockholm, Alba Nova, KTH

2013, in Uppsala, Uppsala University, 21 exhibitors, 130 participants

2014, in Gothenburg, Chalmers Technical University, 22 exhibitors, 163 participants

2015, in Stockholm, Alba Nova, KTH, 25 exhibitors, 173 participants

2016, in Linköping which has been a large success with over 175 participants and 27 exhibitors!

2017, the conference took place in Stockholm in Electrum in Kista with 29 exhibitors and 152 participants,

2018,  we organised a larger event together with our Scandinavian and Baltic Optics & Photonics societies in Lund.

2019, it took place in  Kista, Stockholm on 16-17 October 2019 with 150 participants and 27 exhibitors

2020, postponed to 2021 because of COVID-19 pandemic

2021, Umeå, Umeå University!

Optopubs are seminars organised by PhotonicSweden and the Swedish Optical Society in presently three cities in Sweden, Stockholm, Lund and Gothenburg. The basic setup consists of a seminar during one hour with usually two speakers from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm followed by a light dinner and of course some beers! Opotpubs are a perfect occasion to discuss new technologies, mingle and have an exchange between players with many different backgrounds. It can help student find their future employer and help starting new collaborations.

The Work Groups of PhotonicSweden have been meeting intensively when we were developing the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in 2012 and 2013. We gathered more than 100 participants in the seven work groups. After that, there has been some sporadic meetings but it is obvious that we should strive after giving a new life to these discussions extremely useful to develop the Swedish strategies in photonics. The work groups are specifically addressing either a particular application area (ICT, industry, life science, lighting and displays, safety and security) or cross-cutting thematics (components and systems, education and resarch).

The Annual General Meeting will take place at the latest in June.

The association’s financial year is the calendar year.

Invitation to the meeting shall be made in writing by letter or e-mail earlier than four (4) and the last two (2) weeks before the Annual General Meeting and no later than one (1) week prior to the extraordinary general meeting.

Member who wants to have a matter considered at the meeting shall notify one month before the meeting. Notification shall be made in writing to the Board.

As a member adopted the one who can be expected to comply with its statutes and decisions and contribute to the realization of the association’s purpose. As a member, assumed to both natural and legal person. Applications for admission can take place at any time during the calendar year and be considered by the Board upon written request.

Even non-Swedish companies may obtain membership in the association. For full membership requires that the member is a legal entity that operates in the field of photonics or a strong user of photonics products .

Membership can be either full membership, associate membership or personal membership.

Member entitled to vote by proxy. The attorney may represent only one (1) member unless the general meeting decides otherwise.

The board is elected by the general meeting. The Board consists of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 11 members. The meeting will also select a minimum of 0 and a maximum of five deputies. Board member and deputy elected for the period until the next meeting.

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