Networking with other companies, potential customers, business partners or potential future employees is for sure the most appreciated activity organised by PhotonicSweden. We organise different types of events, monthly seminars called optopubs, an annual conference called Optics and Photonics in Sweden, and work group meetings beside all other events organised in the framework of our EU projects. Go to our PhotonicSweden Events!

Photonics is everywhere but at the same time too few people understand the word photonics and what it covers. PhotonicSweden has several activities, usually supported by EU projects, to increase the awareness at many different levels, from school children to high-level politicians. Also, a national project allows us to more specifically advocate for the Swedish photonics in the European fora but also internally in Sweden.

Small- and Medium-size enterprises are a main focus of our activities, especially in the framework of EU and national projects.  Our EU project RespiceSME has for sure the strongest focus on providing help to SMEs and in fact helps us to provide a more efficient help SMEs. The Photonics Roadshow of our new project EPRISE will provide from 2018 a support to SMEs especially in the life sciences with expert help. More information about: Our Projects!

Joint marketing is a good example of service that photonics clusters can provide to their SMEs. You find an example with the brochure that we produced about the Swedish biophotonics in 2015 in the framework of the OASIS project. We will also start to organise delegation trips in the near future.

PhotonicSweden promotes innovation and technology transfer in different ways:

  • Events.
  • In EU projects.
  • by collaborating with research institutes such as RISE (Acreo and SP) and Swerea (Kimab and IVF).


PhotonicSweden is continuously working with strategies and actually that work started well before the foundation of our organisation.To present it in a simple manner let us say that our main line has all the time been to reach higher levels of collaboration. First, the main rationale for creating PhotonicSweden was to merge the activities of two smaller organisations, the Swedish Optical Society and Swedoptronics, in order to be more powerful and become the voice ofthe Swedish photonics. Then, we developed the Strategic Research and innovation Agenda for the Swedish Photonics. At the same time we developed another agenda together with electronic constellations which is the basis for the Strategic Innovation Programme Electronics Components and Systems. We have also collaborated with Swednanotech, KTH and RISE Acreo to promote Swedish Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). Recently we have with the EU project EPRISE started to focus on the collaboration with Swedish regions since the regions have to consider KETs for their smart specialisation and the possible use of structural funds for research and innovation activities. At all stages the EU commission, through several EU projects, has been a continuous support and should be strongly acknowledged!


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