PhotonicSweden is the Swedish national platform in optics and photonics. It is  an economic association and as such a legal entity founded in 2011.

PhotonicSweden counts about 50 member organisations and about 110 personal members. The work force presently consists of three consultants.

Our vision

Optics and Photonics having a strong impact on a viable, expanding and profitable Swedish industry based on research and innovation.

PhotonicSweden shall:

  • catalyze fruitful cooperation between companies, universities, and institutes in the field of optics and photonics in Sweden and across the national borders.
  • be a natural partner for Swedish and European funders and investors for product development and research.
  • contribute to a healthy regrowth of engineers in optics and photonics.
  • increase the awareness among the general public and politicians of the strategic importance of optics and photonics for the future of Sweden.

Photonics is a transboundary enabler within many fields, not the least for Swedish areas of strengths such as telecoms, automation, security and medicine. Today, the Swedish photonics community consists of about 250 companies with about 8000 employees, and many research groups all around the country.

Stadgarna (the statutes, in Swedish only):

Stadgar PhotonicSweden-2011-01-17