Work Groups of PhotonicSweden (WG chair, affiliation):

Work group 1: Information and communication (Prof. Peter Andrekson, Chalmers University of Technology)

Work group 2: Industrial manufacturing and quality (Prof. Mikael Sjödahl, Luleå University of Technology)

Work group 3: Life sciences and health (Dr. Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, PhotonicsSweden)

Work group 4: Lighting (displays and photovoltaics) (Dr. Maria Nilsson Tengelin, RISE)

Work group 5: Security, metrology and sensors (Dr. Lennart BM Svensson, PhotonicSweden)

Work group 6: Optical components and systems (vacant)

Work group 7: Research, training and education (Prof. Sergei Popov, Royal Institue of Technology, KTH)


The work groups of PhotonicSweden are mirroring the ones of the European Technology platform (ETP) Photonics21. The idea is of course to more efficiently interact with, and contribute to, the work groups of the ETP. A little variation is that we are ready to include even photovoltaics in WG4 and make this work group be more focused on green photonics as well. The activities are organised in meetings and workshops and discussion fora using the internal pages of our website. The main task of the work groups is to define the Swedish research and innovation strategies in photonics and the corresponding roadmaps to achieve them. Other possible tasks are:

  • The definition of Swedish opinions to be forwarded to the Photonics21 work groups in order to influence coming calls of the European Commission for projects in the field of Photonics.
  • The mapping and follow-up of the Swedish actors in specific areas (companies, research groups, institutes) and part of the value chains (integrators, end-users) as well as important organisations influencing these areas (branch organisations, strategic innovation programmes, etc.). This applies mostly to the application-oriented work groups (WG1 to WG5).
  • The contacts with international partners and the possible elaboration of Swedish and international research and innovation projects.