from left to right, Stuard Campbel, TYRI, Christian Wadell, TYRI, Peter Strömberg, Acoem and PS


TYRI Sweden AB is a leading provider of lighting systems for off highway applications. Since the start 2002 TYRI has supplied lighting for vehicles and machines in the most demanding and harshest environments such as mining, construction, material handling and agriculture.

PhotonicSweden, by awarding TYRI Sweden AB this years’ best optics and photonics company of the year prize, would like to recognize a quest that has been ongoing not only from the formation of TYRI Sweden but started 20 years before that. A quest to provide high quality lighting to the harshest environments and working conditions. This has been a steadily growing success by working close to customers and in close partnership with key customers. By adopting the latest technology TYRI is transforming the industry with efficient, intelligent lighting systems, which has in recent years resulted in accelerated growth and success.

PhotonicSweden would also like to point out the impact TYRI’s innovative intelligent lighting systems has had in improving the operators’ working conditions while enhancing safety in hazardous working environments.