Visual Forum 2020!

September 30th

Webinar 09:00-12:00 + VR Mingle 12:45-14:00

Click to download: 2020-09-30 Program Visual Forum

Digital twins in society and industry

September 30th the leading Scandinavian forum for visualization back – in a digital form!

We invite everyone who is curious about and with interest in digital twins for the society and industry to join us! What is a digital twin and how can it be used? What’s at the front edge? What are the pros vs the cons? Visual Forum 2020 will guide you.

The term Digital Twin is being used to refer to the digital replica of physical assets, derived from real-life data collected using various types of sensors and monitoring technologies of the asset while in operation. It often means that an analytical data-driven model (i.e. the twin) is built to analyze, update, and/or manage the performance of its physical counterpart. It can use a range of tools and advanced algorithms such as Machine Learning, decision making, or even Artificial Intelligence, technologies to analyze and visualize the “Big Data” collected.

Norrköping Science Park and Linköping Science Park will be the main partners of Visual Forum, which will be held on September 30th. The event is arranged by the visualization cluster Visual Sweden in Östergötland and Visual Arena in Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg.

Welcome to invite your colleagues, partners and customers to learn more about visualization and digital twins!


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Deadline for registration is September 25th  – Free of charge!



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