“Computational Nanophotonics: Basics, Challenges and Future Perspectives” presented by Prof. Salah Obayya, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Giza, Egypt,

is one of six lecturers in the IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program. The program was designed to honor excellent speakers who have made technical, industrial, or entrepreneurial contributions to the field of photonics and to enhance the technical programs of the IEEE Photonics Society Chapters. Due to the Covid pandemic it will be a webinar.

Nanophotonics modelling for 21St century applications is becoming vital. The computational modeling provides a fundamental understanding of the relying physics behind the operation of photonic devices. However, computational modeling is still a challenge as some of the existing modeling techniques fail to capture the correct behavior of nano-photonic devices. In this regard, this talk will introduce an overview of the existing computational modeling tools for analyzing photonic devices, in general, and highlighting their salient features and shortcomings.

Date and time: Thursday, 17-Feb-2022, at 16:00-17:00 CET



16:00 Presentation of IEEE-PS Sweden Chapter

16:10 Prof. Salah Obayya, “Computational Nanophotonics: Basics, Challenges and Future Perspectives”

16:50 Q&A

17:00 End of webinar

Registration will close on 15-Feb-2022 and a link to a videoconferencing service will be distributed to the registrants on 16-Feb-2022.

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IEEE DL Webinar – Computational Nanophotonics