Lars Rymell, CEO Eclipse Optics AB, Peter Strömberg, CTO Acoem AB, Board member PhotonicSweden

Eclipse Optics AB is the leading provider of optics and photonics design expertise in Sweden. Since the start almost 10 years ago Eclipse Optics AB has delivered hundreds of optical designs to companies in a wide range of areas such as automotive, life science, consumer electronics, energy and environment, safety, and surveillance.

PhotonicSweden, by awarding Eclipse Optics AB this years’ best optics and photonics company of the year prize, would like to recognize the impact on Sweden’s optics and photonic industry by a unique group of optics specialists with a wide-ranging competence. A competence spanning not only a broad range of areas such as optical design, lightning, camera technology, optical metrology, and sensing, but also deep knowledge in system design, from large volume consumer technology to specialized high performance equipment.

The work done by Eclipse Optics AB has contributed to raising the level of knowledge in the optics industry and introduced optics in new applications and to new companies in Sweden and internationally.

PhotonicSweden would also like to bring attention to the impact Eclipse Optics AB has had in the life sciences and environment areas, not only by suppling state of the art solutions to companies in the area but also by the pro bono grants Eclipse Optics AB are offering to small companies that have green ideas worth developing.