The KTH Innovation Award

mars 22nd, 2021|

KTH launched an Innovation Award The monetary prize of 500,000 Swedish crowns will be awarded to “one or several individuals with a connection to rese [...]

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The Swedish Photonics Platform


PhotonicSweden network

PhotonicSweden is the voice of the Swedish Photonics. Our network consists of companies, academic groups, research institutes, individuals, experts and national and regional authorities. There are about 150 photonic companies with over 6000 employees in Sweden. The level of fragmentation is even larger in Sweden than the European average and most players are very small (95% of the companies have less than 250 employees). The PhotonicSweden networks extends well beyond the national borders and is especially strong in Europe.

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Inspiring events

PhotonicSweden organises a range of events every year in Sweden and in Europe. In Sweden we organise a conference in different cities in October or November. The conference is also the occasion to exhibit, recruit new employees, network and of course learn the latest about photonics. We also organise convivial seminars called Optopubs in three cities. We have work groups mirroring the ones of Photonics21 for a better interaction. We are also part of and a link to many events in Europe.

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Projects in Sweden and Europe

PhotonicSweden is involved in several European and national projects. The six EU projects we have been involved in so far since the foundation of PhotonicSweden are all of the type ”coordination and support action (CSA)”, i.e. not research projects but rather projects to reinforce the European Photonics. Our national projects are all related to the strategic innovation programme ”Electronics Components and Systems”.

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Photonic components and systems can be found everywhere today but too often keep being unnoticed.

We make Photonics visible!

Do you remember how your mobile phone looked like before Photonics revolutionized it?

Our interests

Fund your innovations!

PhotonicSweden can help you fund your innovations. We have a direct contacts with the Photonics Unit of the European Commission, we are participating to the discussions of Photonics21’s work groups which are the basis for future EU calls. We are involved in the strategic inovation programme Electronics Components and Systems and we have close contact with Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency. We have a long experience in getting the projects we want. You can benefit from it!

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Connect partners!

Connecting partners is our passion. We can connect Swedish companies or academic groups to end-users with dedicated workshops, to partners in Europe and beyond through our contacts with many organisations similar to our throughout Europe. We can connect you with colleagues and experts in Sweden and abroad. Events are of course very efficient for that purpose but connecting people is also our everyday activity.

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Boost innovation!

Swedish Photonics companies are very innovative. Many of them are exporting a majority of their products because in most cases they are very advanced and specialised and the Swedish market is simply too small. The competition at this global level requires to constantly improve the products performance through innovation. Through our projects, our contacts and some dedicated tools we can help your company boost the internal innovation processes and find adequate support to be even more successful.

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