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Nanoimprint lithography has developed from an academic pioneering research work to an industrial relevant and diverse fabrication technology within the last three decades resulting in an ever-growing relevance in academia and industry.

Hence, we are very happy to announce that this year, 2024, we will welcome you to take part of an extraordinary, unique ground-breaking and first of its kind Nanoimprint technology event, namely the merge of the two most reputed conferences related to Nanoimprint and Nano-printing, the International NNT conference and the European NIL Industrial Day.

The NILindustrialday is an international annual meeting focusing on industrial applications of Nanoimprint Lithography. The program consists of invited speakers from industry (users and equipment suppliers) as well as from applied research.

The technical and scientific program is always accompanied by an exhibition. The location of the NILindustrialday usually changes between Austria and Germany. The first NILindustrialday was organized in March 2013  hosted by PROFACTOR, the coordinator of the NILaustria project cluster, as the succeeding event of the NaPaNil Industrialday (hosted by micro resist technology).

In 2023 it will finally take place again as a physical event after one Corona-related cancellation in 2020 and two online events in 2021 and 2022. In 2023 the NILindustrialday for the first time also offered the possibility to attend online.

For the first time, in 2024 the NILindustrialday and NNT will be merged.

NNT 2024 NIL-ID Conference Chairs:

Lars Montelius, LU & Arne Schleunitz, MRT

NNT 2024 NIL-ID Program Chairs:

Helmut Schift, PSI & Michael Mühlberger, Profactor