Thursday, 28th January 2021, 16.00 – 17.00 (CET)

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Optonyx – distributor of photonics components with strong partnerships with suppliers

Urban Konradsson Botes, CEO, Optonyx AB, Kista,,
Optonyx represents a limited number of selected international high-performance manufacturers, whose reputation and products are truly world-class. Combining efficient communication with our experience and in-depth knowledge of our suppliers and their capability, we will assist you in finding answers, components and solutions for both the OEM and R&D markets in Optics, Filters, Lasers, Spectrometers and Positioning.

Custom LEDs for biosensors and medical applications
Antje Thamm, Sales Director, EpiGap Optronics GmbH, Berlin,          

The starting point for any optoelectronic solution is the LED chip, which essentially determines the future product characteristics of the LEDs. The presentation gives a brief overview of LED chips from UV 255nm to infrared 1650nm, describes the requirements of the assembly technology and explains the different application fields based on selected custom products used for biosensors and medical applications.

Embedded Spectroscopy – PAT at the Right Integration Level
Hilmar Krüger, Sales and Business Development, tec5 AG, Steinbach,      

Continuous monitoring of measurement data is to ensure product quality, optimize production processes, and comply with relevant regulatory guidelines. Microcontroller-based, autonomous smart sensor systems with full low-level implemented chemometric data analysis and processing routines allow for the determination of physical and chemical properties in real-time. The scope of this webinar will be to introduce into functionality and application of PAT based optical spectroscopy (Process Analytical Technology), offering established and well-proven methods for fast and non-contact applications in industrial environments.

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Urban Konradsson Botes (Optonyx)  &  Lennart BM Svensson (PS & SOS)

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