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Join us for a full-day online event focusing on optics and photonics. You will have the opportunity to meet COMSOL technical staff and COMSOL users designing and analyzing optical devices and systems.

This event will feature a guest panel of industry users, presentations, and question-and-answer sessions covering a variety of topics within optics and photonics. The applications covered will span a wide range of length scales, from nano- and micro-optical devices to large-scale systems like cameras and telescopes. Specific examples include waveguides, lasers, scattering, photonic devices, optoelectronics, lighting, lidar systems, spectrometers, interferometers, solar radiation, and more. Novel engineering involving optics like metamaterials and plasmonics will also be presented, as will multiphysics combinations and simulation apps.

We welcome both experienced COMSOL Multiphysics® users and those who are new to the COMSOL® software to attend. Feel free to invite your colleagues.

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11:30 a.m. Welcoming Remarks
12:05 p.m. Q&A/Break
12:45 p.m. Q&A/Break
2:00 p.m. Welcome Back: Some Useful Resources
2:45 p.m. Q&A
3:20 p.m. Q&A/Break
4:05 p.m. Q&A/Break
4:20 p.m. Concluding Remarks