Welcome to Optopub Thursday 9th May-2019 17.30 at SWERIM AB, Kista

Welcome to Optopub in Stockholm!
Thursday 9th May-2019 17.30 – 20.30
SWERIM AB, Isafjordsgatan 28A, Kista 

SWERIM has the pleasure to invite you to Optopub at our premesis in Kista

Please, register here: https://doodle.com/poll/px3s4fakbu2kxh7t 

The new industrial research institute – Swerim AB – started 1st October 2018. 
Swerim conducts applied research within mining engineering, process metallurgy, materials and applications, mainly for the mining, steel and metal industries. In addition to a high level of expertise and experience, the institute offers well-equipped laboratory and pilot facilities for developing industrial processes and manufacturing. 190 co-workers, most of who are postgraduate research engineers and/or have a solid background in industry, will work in two locations in Sweden – Luleå and Stockholm. Annual turnover is an estimated 250 million kronor.

Laser ultrasonics (LUS) for both generation and detection of material characterization
Anton Jansson, Researcher, SWERIM AB
Ultrasound has been used for many years as a nondestructive tool for material characterization and evaluation. With Laser ultrasonics (LUS) the ultrasound is both generated and detected by lasers. This makes the technique completely contact free and the working distance can be altered by the choice of optics. The generated ultrasonic wave interacts with the microstructure of the material and the registered wave gives information about the state of the penetrated volume. By altering the ultrasonic source, the positions of the laser spots and the sample geometry different types of waves can be registered. Various wave characteristics such as ultrasonic velocity and attenuation can be used to determine properties such as grain size, defects and crystallographic texture.

Possibilities with a 10 kW fiber laser for welds, cutting and additive manufacturing
Alexander Lundstjälk, Researcher, SWERIM AB
Swerim have recently invested in a new 10 kW fiber laser. The main aim is to demonstrate possibilities, how to perform high quality welds, robustness and to use it in customer tests (from large size customer to small and medium size enterprises) and in research projects. Welding can be combined with cold wire addition and MAG hybrid. We can perform laser cutting and there are plans to use it also for additive manufacturing. For better understanding of the process and it’s behavior high speed imaging is a useful tool.

followed by Optopub 18:30-20:30,
SWERIM invites everyone who pre-registered for food and drinks.

Please, register here: https://doodle.com/poll/px3s4fakbu2kxh7t 

No later than Tuesday 7th May before kl.16:00 !


Tania Irebo Schwartz (SWERIM)       &    Lennart BM Svensson (PS)    

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