PhotonicSweden has three main types of projects, EU, national and internal:

  1. EU projects: PhotonicSweden has been very successful in getting EU projects. Since our foundation in 2011, we have been part of six EU projects. We just started ÉPRISE, in January 2017 and this is our sixth EU grant. All these projects are of the type CSA, Coordination and Support Action, directly depending on, and designed for, the Photonics Public Private Partnership Photonics21. These projects have been, and still are, instrumental to strengthen the European and Swedish Photonics, but they are also extremely useful to strenghten and mature our young organisation.
  2. National projects: All our national projects are linked to the Strategic Innovation Programme Electronics Components and Systems (ECS, aldo called Smartare Elektroniksystem in Swedish) which PhotonicSweden has been starting 3 years ago together with a number of organisations in electronics. PhotonicSweden is part of a project to influence the calls of Horizon2020 and ECSEL, so-called ECS Advocacy Platform. Thanks to this project we can participate to the discussions of Photonics21’s work groups and indeed have some influence on the call texts. Another project is called Photonics Competence Hub and is aiming at gathering information about the Swedish Photonics.
  3. Internal project: These projects are dedicated to members and are organising our support to them. They deal with organising events, e.g. Optopubs and the annual PhotonicSweden conference Optics and Photonics in Sweden, our lobbying work at the Swedish level, networking or administrating PhotonicSweden.
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