Swedish Photonics displayed at ECOC’2017

The common booth of the Swedish ICT Photonics (Erik Behm, Business Region Göteborg and Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, PhotonicSweden)

This year, PhotonicSweden was present at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Gothenburg. Thanks to the local organising committee and in particular Per O Andersson, the general conference chair, PhotonicSweden could organise a common booth displaying the Swedish ICT Photonics players and of course its member companies and the Swedish Photonics in general.

PhotonicSweden organised the common booth around the theme ”Swedish ICT Photonics”and 10 organisations have participated to the preparation, partly supported PhotonicSweden’s work and have been especially highlighted in the booth:

  • 6 Photonics companies: Finisar, Infinera (former Transmode), Northlab Photonics, NYFORS. OptiGOT and Trimble.
  • 4 academics/institutes: Chalmers University och Technology, the Linné center Adopt at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), RISE Acreo and RISE (former SP).

In our company database there are about 36 Swedish Photonics companies addressing the telecoms and ICT markets. However, the 6 participating companies above represent a large part of the whole. Infinera and Finisar were also exhibiting on their own and the 4 other companies would not have exhibited at all without our offer.

Some outcomes

Agnes Silvergran and Louise Laurenius presenting job opportunities at Infinera, Lauren Mecum (IEEE Photonics), Rui Lin (Post-doc at KTH) and Qin Wang from RISE Acreo.

  1. Recruiting skilled students: 5 of the 6 companies on the common booth are looking to recruit new employees and that was probably their main motivation to be part of the booth. This is a very new situation one can say since in many cases foreign students who would like to stay in Sweden after the end of their studies rarely find positions in Swedish companies. Infinera was especially present on September 19 to present opportunities in the company. Many students got the information and this will for sure result in concrete results.
  2. Visibility: The booth had an amazing position in the exhibition: nearby the reception, on the way from the exhibition to the conference rooms and just in front of the best positioned booths at the entrance of the exhibition hall! If many delegates did not stop at the booth, they definitely have seen it! Some of our Swedish partners used the booth as a meeting point that no one could miss.
  3. Meeting colleagues from Sweden and abroad: We had in particular the opportunity to meet ex. dir. Chris Jannuzzi and Lauren Mecum from IEEE Photonics and we mostly discussed possible joint outreach activities. We learned quite a bit about local companies (from Västra Götaland and Halland), discovered new photonics companies and had a good exchange with Erik Behm from Business Region Göteborg. We were also happy to see that a new representative from Vinnova, Andreas Allström, was also present at ECOC.

About ECOC

Leading European conference in the field of optical communication with selected papers, keynotes, presentations and special symposia. Parallel to the scientific conference, the ECOC exhibition covers a wide range of optical communications products and services. The conference is organised in another European city every year. It has been organized earlier in Gothenburg in 1989 and in Stockholm in 2004. Thanks to the success of ECOC 2004, a foundation was created and seed financing was made available for researchers from KTH and RISE Acreo in Kista (at that time collaborating in the framework of the umbrella organisation Kista Photonics Research Center).

About ECOC’2017 

Local organisation committee and technical committee members

The organisers of this 43rd edition of ECOC were Chalmers University of Technology, RISE Research Institute of Sweden, Telia Company, DTU the Technical University of Denmark and Ericsson. Beside the General Chair, Per O Andersson, the Technical Programme Committee was lead by Chalmers Prof. Peter Andrekson (also PhotonicSweden WG1 leader) and DTU’s  Prof. Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe. Totally 1295 delegates participated to the conference. The ECOC Exhibition welcomed over 5,900 people to meet with more than 327 exhibiting companies from around the globe. ECOC’2017 has been a large success!