Optopub Thursday 6th December at RISE-Acreo Electrum, Kista 17:30

Welcome to Optopub in Stockholm!
Thursday 6th December 17.30 – 18.30
RISE-Acreo, Electrum at Kista, Isafjordsgatan 22, Room Knut, Elevator B to Level 6


Download invitation here: Optopub_2018-12-06-Electrum-Kista-v4

Manipulate thermal radiation using nanostructures

Max Yan, Researcher, Docent, Photonics, Department of Applied Physics, KTH, Kista

  • Thermal emitters can easily generate light at mid- and long-wave infrared regime. Such invisible light may not sound as fancy as visible or NIR light that underpins basic information acquisition for humans or telecom machines, but is vital in terms of energy transfer for up keeping a proper operating temperature of all lives and likely most equipments. Further, IR sources and detectors, acting as the “sixth sense” to conventional probing methods, begins to find more and more niche IT applications for, e.g. gas sensing, surveillance, bio-imaging etc. In this talk I will present several research cases, including mine, where engineered thermal radiation through nanostructured materials can help on both energy- and information-transfer related applications.


Photonics projects at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Stefan Källberg, Technical Manager Photometry, RISE, Borås
  • HiFi Visual Target – How well can modern cars detect so-called surrogate targets that are often used in tests instead of real cars?
  • Effects of optical flicker in an office environment – Problems with optical flicker are often discussed in conjunction with LED lighting, as this is often modulated when dimming. As part of a larger EU project, RISE has investigated how people are affected by flicker from ceiling lighting and desk lighting.
  • A brief summary of current and future EU projects (eg ”Surface” – roadlaying properties, ”BxDiff” – New quantities for the measurement of appearance, ”PhotoLED” – New reference standard lamps based on LED).

followed by Optopub 18:30-20:30, ADOPT, Linné center i Modern Optik och Fotonik,

invites everyone who pre-registered for food and drinks.


Please, register here: https://doodle.com/poll/a5hkcq9dvqtbygwr
No later than Tuesday 4th December before kl.16:00 !



Lennart BM Svensson,   Jens A Tellefsen, Jr,   Gunnar Björk

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