What happens in Stockholm in optics ?

Thursday 7th December 17.30 – 20.30

RISE-Acreo, Electrum at Kista, Isafjordsgatan 22,

Sal Knut, Plan 6

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A bright future for Silicon quantum dots?

Frederico Pevere, Ph.D.Student, Applied Physics Department, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Silicon, the foundation material of electronics, is well-known to be an inefficient light-emitter due to its indirect bandgap. However, for silicon crystals of sizes below 10nm the quantum confinement effect can significantly increase the emission efficiency, thus supporting the application of silicon quantum dots (Si-QDs) in fields like biomedicine and photovoltaics. In this work, I will summarize what has been achieved so far as well as the future challenges that need to be addressed for silicon quantum dots (Si-QDs).


Future TV-technology – High Dynamic Range and Virtual Reality

Kjell Brunnström, Ph.D. Technical Area Manager Visual Media Quality, RISE-Acreo, Adjunct Prof. Mid Sweden University

Kjell Brunnström is an expert in image processing, computer vision, image and video quality assessment having worked in the area for more than 25 years, including work in Sweden, Japan and UK. He has written a number of articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference papers, as well as having reviewed a number of scientific articles for international peer-reviewed journals e.g Journal of Opical Society of America and SPIE Optical Engineering. His current research interests are in video assessment both for 2D and 3D, as well as display quality related to the TCO requirements. The talk will follow by some demos.



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