Optopub Lund Invitation-170920
We hereby invite You to an 
Optopub in Lund!

Time: Wednesday 2017-09-20, 17:30

The lectures will end at approximately 19:00 where after follow networking with simple snacks (not dinner) and beer sponsored by FaunaPhotonics.

Place: Biology Building, Sölvegatan 35, Lund (we’ll meet at the large entrance on the southern side of the building)

Lecture 1

Eric Warrant, Professor, Department of Biology, Lund University: Superior Visual Performance in Nocturnal Insects: Neural Principles and Bio-Inspired Technologies

Nocturnal insects have remarkable visual abilities, being able to distinguish colours, detect faint movements, learn visual landmarks and navigate using the stars. These abilities are the result of exquisitely adapted eyes and visual systems. Neural summation of photons in space and time appears to be critically important for vision in dim light: even though vision at night becomes necessarily coarser and slower, it also becomes significantly more reliable. We developed an algorithm based on these principles that dramatically increased the reliability of video collected in dim light – including the preservation of colour – strengthening evidence that summation strategies are essential for nocturnal vision.

Lecture 2

Speaker TBD, FaunaPhotonics, Copenhagen: Listening to Insects with Light


We all know the annoying sound mosquitos make. You cannot only hear this sound you can actually also see it. At faunaphotonics we develop LIDAR equipment and methods that allow us to observe the wing beats of flying insects at up to several hundred meters distance. We apply this tool for monitoring insects in agriculture and malaria control. In this talk we will give you a general overview of how the technique works and what we can do with it.

FaunaPhotonics is a start-up based on the ideas of Mikkel Brydegaard (Lecturer at Lund University)


In order to know how much beer and snacks to buy, preregistration is necessary. Please confirm your attendance using the following Doodle-link by writing your name and affiliation.

Deadline for registration is Monday 2017-09-18 13:00: https://doodle.com/poll/hyivdb5vwcg7c2sr

Please, share this invitation to other people that you think might be interested in the Optopub in Lund events!

Optopub is a networking concept from the Swedish Optical Society and PhotonicSweden. People in the optics and photonics industry and academia come together to listen to lectures in the optics and photonics field, socialize, and together have something to eat and drink. Optopubs are being arranged in Stockholm/Kista, Gothenburg, Lund, and Hudiksvall.

You are invited – welcome!

The Lund Optopub Committee

Malin Jonsson (GASPOROX), Daniel Karlsson (Energy for All & Mentanglement), Hasti Yavari (Flatfrog), Hampus M. Jönsson (LU) and Sebastian Pfaff (LU)