Information and benefits about membership in PhotonicSweden

PhotonicSwedens vision is:
  • that by optics and photonics strongly contribute to a vibrant, expanding and profitable Swedish industry based on research and innovation.
PhotonicSwedens mission should:
  • be a catalyst for fruitful collaborations in optics and photonics between companies, universities, colleges and institutes in Sweden and across borders.
PhotonicSweden will highlight the photonics by:
  • be a natural interlocutor for the Swedish and European financiers and investors in product development and research.
  • contribute to a good regrowth of engineers in optics and photonics.
  • ensuring that the public and politicians have a good understanding of optics and photonics area’s strategic importance for Sweden’s future.
Membership in PhotonicSweden provides:
  • membership for private individuals, companies, organizations and academies
  • the personal membership automatic membership in the Swedish Optical Society (SOS) and the European Optical Society (EOS)
  • invitation to Optopubs about 8x / year, with speeches and mingling
  • participant discount and exhibitor discount of Optics & Photonics conference 1 times per year (approx. 100-200 participants) and reduction per EOS-arranged conferences
  • newsletter 3-4 times / year
  • support for participation in Vinnova announced programs: SRA Strategic Research Agenda and the SIO Strategic Innovation Areas
  • information about the ongoing EU activities related to photonics
  • cooperation and networking with various photonics clusters in the EU
  • coordination and discounts for participation in the photonics cluster arrangement within the EU
  • information about Swedish optics term group work
  • supporting SME s
  • the opportunity to participate in 7 different working groups that developed a national strategic photonics agenda in line with EU Photonics21’s wishes.
Working groups:

 Svenska arbetsgruppsnamn:

  • AG1: Informations- och kommunikationsteknologier (IKT)
  • AG2: Industriell tillverkning och kvalitetskontroll
  • AG3: Hälsa och “Life Sciences”.
  • AG4: Belysning, displayer och solceller
  • AG5: Säkerhet, metrologi och sensorer
  • AG6: Optiska komponenter och system
  • AG7: Forskning, träning och utbildning

English workgroup names:

  • WG1: Information and Communication (ICT)
  • WG2: Industrial manufacturing and Quality
  • WG3: Life Sciences and Health
  • WG4: Emerging Lighting, Electronics and Displays
  • WG5: Security, Metrology and Sensors
  • WG6: Design and Manufacturing of Components and Systems
  • WG7: Photonics Research, Education and Training