PhotonicSweden proposes a web-based meeting for our Work Group 3 on Life Science and Health during week 8 (21-23 February).

We have not met for a while, it is time to renew the interaction between actors in the field!

The meeting will take place on Thursday February 22nd from 1 pm to 2 pm (according to If you have not already registered and want to participate, please send an email to before Feburay 21, 12 am! Thank you and welcome!


The main topics will be:

  1. Review of PhotonicSweden activities in Life Science (EU project EPRISE, workhop on 11-12 June and company database)
  2. Preparing Photonics21 Annual meeting where the basis for the next framework programme (FP9) will be discussed based on the Vision Paper that Photonics21 has published last year: What future calls in the field of photonics for Life Science do we want from the Swedish side?