For the third time PhotonicSweden and Photonics Finland are collaborating in arranging a joint Nordic Workgroup Meeting before Photonic21 Annual Meeting with workgroups WG1-WG7.

Download invitation here:  Invitation to Nordic Workgroup Meeting No-3

Thursday 2018-03-08  approx. 10:30 – 15:00
The Nordic House Brussels,
 Rue du Luxembourg 3, Brussels,
RISE & Teknikföretagen EU Office– Brussels
Meeting room at the Swedish institute RISE

At the last Nordic Workgroup Meeting (NWG) in Stockholm 2017-10-17, it was decided that we should arrange a meeting in Brussels before the Photonics21 Annual Event to discuss the upcoming topics for the Ph21 Workgroups (WG1-WG7). In the NWG we have discussed the importance to attend the Ph21 WG’s, since our Nordic countries are relatively small and could gain strengths by having a stronger voice if we can discuss what’s important for our Nordic countrie’s photonics companies, organizations and academies.

Preliminary Agenda

  • Presentation of participants (short pitch talks)
  • List who are representing the Ph21 Workgroups on 9th March
  • Swedish Photonics Activities e.g. Digitalization Program, Smartare Elektroniksystem etc.
  • Finnish Photonics Activities
  • Discussion with EU-Commissioner and/or Photonics21 representative
  • Discussion with our representatives in Brussel’s offices, and to promote photonics
  • How can we strengthen photonics in our Nordic countries through Workgroups
  • Etc…. (Program to be updated!)

Please register here:
Choose the WG1 to WG7 (one or more) that interest you the most. Depending on your arrival time I Brussels, don’t hesitate to come later, even if you can’t make it to 10:30 !