A French innovative High-Tech Photonics SME

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is a French SME providing imaging sensors – covering the visible and infrared spectrum – by using a disruptive CMOS and InGaAs technology.

NIT’s innovative products exploit the academic work of professor Yang NI which allowed the company to build a native logarithmic CMOS sensor.


Sensors for new perspectives

This type of sensors, offering new perspectives for the field of machine vision, are by construction very accurate and robust with respect to light intensity and ambient temperature and ensure a high contrast and a high quality of the image both in low and in intense lighting conditions. Since the creation of NIT in 2007, Pierre Potet, the CEO of the company has tried not only to make NIT the reference designer of these innovative sensors, but also to scale up the company and manufacture these sensors at a larger scale.

François Coursaget, NIT’s current COO, an optronic specialist previously working for Safran Electronics & Defence, joined the company in 2015 to help strengthen, industrialise and market NIT’s products. According to Francois Coursaget, being a part of a photonic network is a key success factor, allowing the company to meet new potential partners and clients.

Project opportunities

Mr Coursaget was thus actively involved in the events organised by Opticsvalley – the Paris Region Photonics and High-Tech Cluster – in 2016. The seminars and workshops organised by Opticsvalley are one of the factors contributing to the SME’s development: these events help NIT to extend its network and identify new potential partners and customers for new application fields. The emerging project opportunities, stemming from the collaborations between the network members during working group meetings, could benefit from the leverage of the RespiceSME consortium that might help extend the in the field of imaging and machine vision for transportation systems, security solutions, and industrial applications to European SMEs.

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Contact: Paul Stefanut (OpticsValley – Director Business & Innovation); p.stefanut@opticsvalley.org


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